Friday, June 22, 2007

Mildew on Leather Bags

Never leave a leather bag damp for an extended length of time. The corner of this Yves Saint Laurent handbag was left damp and both mildew and staining resulted. Both the staining and mildew could have been prevented if the owner would have removed the crome bar and let the corner dry.

In restoring this bag not only did it require refinishing to remove the stain but, it was necessary to arrest the mildew. Typical cleaning will not remove all the midew spores and if done improperly the mildew will return. It was necessary to use an anti-fungal treatment to assure the mildew won't return. Now the bag is good as new.

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jessica said...

great tip, I dont leave my bags on the floor, I usually store them on top of a wardrobe... I feel so sorry for whoever owns that bag :(