Thursday, December 22, 2011

Coach Purse Challenge

What if you could renew your favorite, well-loved, used-and-abused purse? 

Leather Coach purse

This timeworn, leather Coach handbag came to us a few days ago. Rosie, one of our talented Purse Technicians, breathed new life into this tattered bag.

The challenge? To restore the worn leather and revitalize the color, vibrancy, and sheen.

Refinishing the leather by hand
To begin, Rosie cleaned the inside and outside of the bag, and made any necessary repairs to broken threads, tears, etc.

Next, Rosie spent approximately eight hours applying perfectly-mixed leather refinisher by hand, and then sealing the leather to protect the fabric.

Check out the before and after photos of this successful mission:






Restored leather Coach purse

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Bag It! Protect your investment with professional bag-care techniques

Handbags can make or break an ensemble, so it’s no wonder that many people pay top dollar for high-quality, name-brand bags. Protect your investment and keep your handbag pristine and functioning immaculately for years.

In the Bag It! edition of FashionableCare, Chuck describes the ins and outs of bags, including shapes and styles, fabrics, stain protection, storage, and more. 
Ralph Lauren bag goes from stained to like-new condition.
Have you ever worn a pair of jeans and sat on a light-colored couch, only to discover that when you stood up, your pants left a blue tint on the couch fabric? This dye transferring process, called "crocking," is the result of improper dyeing, poor dye penetration, or incomplete saturation during the manufacturing process. Crocking can occur with many different types of fabrics, and is often seen on purses. To prevent dyes from ruining your bag, consider what type of clothing you'll wear while carrying the bag. Avoid mixing dark-colored clothing with a light-colored bag (and vice versa), if possible. If your bag or clothing is already a victim of crocking, bring or send it to Margaret’s for professional cleaning and restoration.

Check out Margaret’s as featured in InStyle magazine in March 09. Learn about crocking and how to protect your bag from dye-transfer destruction.

Fabric type helps determine which cleaning process is best for your purse. Experienced dry-cleaning experts will take into account lining and shell fabrics, dyes, hardware, and more. Always clean your handbag as quickly as possible after it becomes soiled to increase the likelihood of eliminating stains.

For more great handbag tips, download the Bag It! edition of FashionableCare.