Monday, June 1, 2009


Save yourself a trip to your drycleaner’s to find out how to remove that unsightly stain from your favorite handbag. Margaret’s Cleaners has launched the nation’s first garment care webcam consultation service. All that is needed is a webcam. No special software is required for PC users. Mac users will need to download free software. A link to Margaret’s home page,, initiates the contact with the webcam to begin the complimentary consultation.
This new service is an addendum to their already popular CleanByMail service, through which garments and accessories that require the specialty care of a couture cleaner may be handled. The webcam now makes it possible for the customer to show an item to a garment consultant, who will assess the problem, discuss a remedy, and provide an estimate. . .all before they ship their item to Margaret’s for servicing.