Saturday, July 28, 2007

Extreme Makeover

This Prada purse arrived to us in near fatal condition. The purse had been washed in a washing machine removing much of the dye and creating extreme color contrast in both the fabric and leather. To make things worse, an attempt was made to restore the color using a magic marker. Note the marker coloring in the top right photo between the handles. Clicking on the photograph will enable a clooser view.

Redying the purse to it's original shade was not an option. The dramatic color contrast would still be evident as shading. The customer decided to forego any attempt for recovery and donated the purse to Margaret's for demonstration purposes. Having nothing to loose, the decision was made to dye the purse black in order to have the highest chance of success in covering up the damage. As you can see the results were dramatic. There is a chance that this purse was originally available in black and won't look out of place. The restored purse is currently on display in our La Jolla location for anyone interested in seeing the result. We left some of the lining as the original color to be able to best visualize what has been accomplished.