Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Stolen Purse Recovered

The rest of the story.
In 2007, I received a beautiful Coach purse as a gift. It was the perfect size and weight, and I received many compliments. In April, 2009, it was stolen. Having anything stolen can be unnerving, and losing that purse was particularly disturbing because it actually worked for me.
In September,2009, I received an unexpected package. A Santa Fe retailer had found my purse buried beneath a pile of leaves. It had clearly been there for a long time. Although the purse was still intact, the leather was deeply stained. I tried to clean it with several leather cleaning products without much success. I probably would have tried to use it, stained or not, but my husband sent it to you and your cleaning results were extraordinary.There's no way that I could have expected this purse to come so clean,inside and out! Thank you very much for the care that you took in bringing my purse back to life!
Kurt N. Albuquerque, NM